Our Practice Areas.

Vehicle Accidents

If you are in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, what you do and say matters. Immediately call 911 if anyone is hurt. Get contact and insurance information about the other driver(s) and their vehicle(s). Do not take any blame for the accident and do not discuss the accident with anyone except to answer factual questions from police officers.

Take photos of all vehicles at the accident location, and take photos of the accident scene. Get witness information if possible.

Remember that Insurance companies are not on your side, so we recommend you call us immediately.

Insurance Disputes

Consumers often mistakenly believe that their insurance company is on their side. The fact is, insurance companies are businesses and as such they operate in their own interest, and not always in your best interest.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to settle a claim for less than the policyholder thinks they should. You are not required to accept their offer. If you reject their offer and do not end up satisfied, you have reason to reach out to us to help you with your insurance claim.

DUI Defense

If you have had some alcohol and get stopped by Police, first and foremost remember that you have the right to remain silent, and not incriminate yourself. The officer will be looking for signs of intoxication in what you say and how you act to assess you. 

Construction Disputes

You buy or build a home with the best of intentions and due diligence, but sometimes that’s not enough. You discover that water is coming through the windows, decks and roof. Or maybe the floor slab is cracking or the wood floors are buckling… the contractor is ignoring you …. Now what?

Call us because you need a lawyer with design and construction experience to protect your rights, and not be put off by construction industry lingo that can confuse and misdirect the average attorney.

Elder Care disputes

Elder abuse has many forms and there are laws that specifically protect elders from a wide range of behavior. These include financial fraud, physical and emotional abuse as well as neglect. With our aging population, it’s a fact that one in five seniors has been victimized.

If you suspect financial fraud or any other form of abuse, call us.